Council tax is the local taxation system used in Scotland. It is a tax on domestic property and it is paid separately and in addition to any employment tax you are liable for. Each property in Scotland is assigned a council tax ‘band’. These range from A – H based on property value and location. The tax is a fixed amount for each band.

As a tenant, you are responsible for the payment of this tax, except if the property is a ‘house of multiple occupation’, in which case the landlord pays the council tax.

Full-time students are exempt from paying the tax, as are the foreign spouses of students. If you get a council tax bill, you simply apply for exemption by providing proof that you are a full-time student.

Other utilities are usually already set up and all that should be done is to inform the supplier of your move-in date and your personal details. The estate agents usually do this but it is your responsibility to set up payment. If invoices are not paid, you will eventually have the gas and electricity disconnected. You can look for the best deals and it is quite straightforward to change supplier, should you wish to do so.

In your new accommodation, there will be a landline for a telephone connection. You can choose to connect a phone (or not). This will also be used to connect your internet/wifi. There are various companies to choose from.

Water, refuse collection and other essentials are included in your council tax bills.

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