If you’re coming to the city to view properties or for a university open day, we can arrange a hotel or short stay accomodation for you. The earlier this is arranged, the easier and better priced it will be.

At various times of the year, Edinburgh becomes incredibly busy and it can be difficult to find short-term lets or even hotel accommodation. During August, the festival means that Edinburgh is full of tourists. Rent costs and hotel room prices skyrocket and it can be very difficult to book accommodation. In September, all of our lovely international students arrive and many of them bring their families with them for the first week or so. This month is also extremely busy and it is strongly advised that you book somewhere to stay well in advance.

The winter months are quieter (with the exception of Christmas and New Year) but there is less availability. When universities hold open days, the city once again fills up.

If you require any further information then please contact us.